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TASKONTAP Pre-launch:

Wow! Another excellent opportunity for you to earn online.

  • Earn From viewing ads, watching videos on YouTube, completing tasks, writing sponsored blog posts, product reviews, views, likes and comments on social media platforms, trending hashtags etc.
  • To register go to:
  • Register with your Email and Phone Number.
  • Go to your email and activate your account
  • Go to Deposits and select Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or M-Pesa and make the payment of Kshs 4,500 + Transaction fee. Or KShs 6,500 or Ksh 14,000
  • Go to Upgrade Membership and Select the 4500 Package to Upgrade. Upgrade the package you want 4500, 6500 or 14,000 or $45, $65, $140 in USD or 0.01148863 BTC, 0.01637741 BTC, 0.03471034 BTC
  • Once you upgrade, your sponsor who referred you will earn 40% of the package amount.
  • You will access PTC, PPV, and other premium services for the number of days stated. You will earn from $0.1 or Ksh 10 up to $5 or Ksh 500 depending on the task. Read FAQ for more.
  • Go to My Referrals and Referral Link, copy and share your referral link. For every user who registers and upgrades using your link, you will earn 40% of their package upgrade amount. For example, if you refer 10 people and each pay Ksh 4500, you will earn 4,500 * 0.4 * 10 = 18,000, if you refer 10 people and each pay the 14,000 package you will earn 14000*0.4*10 = 56,000
  • In addition, you will earn Ksh 10 or $0.1 per ad on the number of ads you view daily.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is Ksh 5,000 or $50 or 0.012710 BTC

You can register regardless of the country – find the payment method available in your country.

Features available include:

  • Earning Features: PPC, PPV, writing sponsored blog posts, App downloads and reviews, likes, comments, Tweets on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Site Traffic, Product and company reviews.
  • Investment in Online Writing, Forex Trading, Forex Signals, Forex Training, Blogging.
  • Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

For Investors/Bloggers/Social media Influencers/Upcoming artists/DJs/programmers etc.

  1. If you need Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Followers, views, likes and comments you can hire the subscribers
  2. If you an upcoming artist and you want to trend your music, want music videos views and downloads – our subscribers can do it for you.
  3. A developer or programmer who needs application downloads and reviews on Google Play store etc. our subscribers can do it for you.
  4. Get over 500,000 likes, views, comments, tweets, tags, trend hashtag on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
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