Services, tools and websites to make your writing better

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  1. Grammarly – The best tool for correcting almost all English writing mistakes you can think of. Also checks for plagiarism. A must-have for academic writers. If you need Grammarly premium for only $3/month, contact us.
  2. – One of the best plagiarism checkers. Checks plagiarism even in source codes, symbols etc.
  3. – You don’t have to learn and master all those referencing styles when you have sites like this which will do it for you.
  4. Worlcat – A great website for getting sources.
  5. Ginger – Similar to Grammarly.
  6. – Referencing tool.
  7. Easybib – Referencing tool.
  8. Purdue OWL – the most reliable website when it comes to everything related to academic writing
  9. Google Scholar – For Journals and research papers to use as sources for your work.
  10. Wiley Online Libray – Free and premium Books, Journals, research papers, periodicals etc.
  11. Researchdirect,
  12. Google Books – Great for getting sources and referencing.

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