Safety Practices in Online Writing – How to Avoid cons and Being safe.

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Originally, I wrote this post on Telegram and it became too long so I decided to convert it to a blog post – I am aware of the typos, errors and use of kiswahili in this post. Focus on the message.

In the writing industry, there is a lot of money and people get conned every minute. Those new in the industry are the common victims but even veterans fall for today’s advanced con schemes. But most of us are short-time thinkers. The only scam they know is a Bitcoin, Pyramid schemes, Publiclikes, AIM Global, Ponzi and anything else that they can’t understand. A guy complains about AIM Global being a SCAM but gets scammed by a guy promising 100 KPLC tokens for 300 shillings. Seriously!

I created this forum and several WhatsApp Groups because I wanted to be safe and protect others especially those new in this industry. If I’ve ever introduced you to writing or had a chat with me, I did warn you about scam and cons. That’s the first thing I will tell you after telling that writing pays. Personally, I’ve been conned several times over 100k even by people I know and see every day. And they will tell you “You can’t do shit to them” From buying barren accounts expensively, writing and not getting paid, selling unlocks and never paid, doing PayPal to M-pesa and someone reversed money etc.
I’ve tried fighting cons before and my efforts failed terribly because no one supported me. Instead, cons ganged up against me and called me names, villager, cheap, attention seeker, broke, etc. And most of you laughed at me made fun etc. I remember when I said about cons on some WhatsApp Group, a group that I created.. Some guy, a kisii, saying he’s a med in the army called me and threatened to do away with me. πŸ˜‚ Just because I said I will remove all cons from the group. They argued that “watu wanatafutia Familia”
I went ahead and tried creating an online database, a list like, where anyone can add details of a con when they encounter one, so he or she alerts others to stay woke. I got challenged that my online platform will be prone to abuse by people accusing others falsely and I was told that amounts to defamation and I will be legally liable for the same.

Why the number of cons is increasing?

  • Laziness and greed for free money – Nowadays almost everyone doesn’t want to work hard. They prefer a free $1 than working hard for $100. So, people will scam you any amount even Ksh 30.
  • No one talks about it – Everyone has turned a blind eye on cons and fraudsters in the writing industry. Everyone keeps quiet until they get scammed then they start ranting and lamenting.
  • Writers Have become somehow Greedy and too proud – Most of us have become too greedy and proud and try to force people into what they have no interest in. For instance, a Jumia agent on a writing WhatsApp group will get criticized and even removed by admin. The next minute the guy will rejoin with a new number selling accounts, selling unlocks or as a writer but their intention is to con you because they have no experience in writing. Don’t force people into writing, Let people advertise their betting, AIM Global, Jumia agents, affiliates etc. provided that they don’t SPAM. Personally, I know people who became cons because of such. One minute they are selling betting odds, the next minute they rejoin as “an experienced writer with 3 years of experience and handles all papers including technical orders.” You pay, they don’t deliver. You fail to pay, they call you a con. They know how to shout the loudest and so they will shut you down. You lose. Everyone is looking for money and no one does force anyone into doing anything. It is stupid to think that whatever someone is doing is a scam or doesn’t pay. They are in it willingly and those who join do so willingly. Stop forcing people into writing.

Staying safe online

In any industry where there’s money and it involves working with strangers, risks are common. The admin can’t fight cons and frauds in the writing industry. I run this writing group and 50+ WhatsApp Groups but every time I complained about cons, I received 0% support from members. People keep quiet until they get conned then the get bitter and start blaming admin.
I can’t remove cons from the groups because mobile phone numbers are readily available like free condoms including USA numbers for fake WhatsApp and telegram accounts. If I remove a con, he or she comes back with different number or telegram account. Nowadays, people have lost conscious, morals and even humanity. Even your friend will con you ukiona. Rarely, people hide in pseudos.

βœ… Common scams in writing industry

  • πŸ”Ά Buying an account and seller retrieves it.
  • πŸ”Ά Buying an account awaiting termination
  • πŸ”Ά Get overcharged when buying an account because you didn’t know the price.
  • πŸ”Ά Guys claiming to sell cheap bundles and tokens.
  • πŸ”Ά The Writer asks you for an upfront payment and disappears without delivering work.
  • πŸ”ΆWriter asks for half payment and fails to deliver work
  • πŸ”Ά The writer gets paid but spins ( or plagiarizes work knowingly
  • πŸ”Ά Employer promises POD once delivered he or she disappears without paying.
  • πŸ”Ά You work for someone and money accumulates when it’s time for payment, the employer disappears
  • πŸ”Ά You are BUYING OR SELLING USD but the PayPal agent disappears with your money.
  • πŸ”Ά You pay for unlocks and the seller goes mute.
  • πŸ”Ά You send unlock and buyer goes mute.
  • The writer sends word document or submits the assignment with the password and asks you to pay for the password only to find nothing in the paper.
  • The writer fails to deliver work because they will lose nothing. The account owner loses if the assignment gets late and fined.
  • The writer asks you to buy bundles for them to do the work then they disappear once you buy the data bundles.
  • The employer tells you that he or she will pay less 250 because you are a newbie or he or she deducts transaction cost from your earnings.
  • You are given orders and told that they are tests to gauge your skills and experience. That is a scam.
  • You are a lady and a guy promises to teach you writing only to take advantage of you, munch you, dump you and disappear without even teaching you writing.

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Personally, I’ve over 100 contacts of cons, I collect from forums and save them to be safe. Most of you ignore those those contact. When someone shares details of a con, save those details so that when they contact you, you will be safe since you already know them. People like Kihara, Nzumbi, Ombati, Yabunga Julius shouldn’t con you, they are already known by everyone.

βœ… Seller changes venue
βœ… Seller keeps changing meeting time.
βœ… Seller keeps hiding
βœ… The other party is so much interested in getting money or knowing how much to be paid than delivering service. For instance, the writer has not seen the assignment instructions but is asking about CPP and when you will pay or asking for upfront payment.
βœ… Seller uses till number (you will be asked by Safaricom to contact seller. I’ve never heard a case where Safaricom reversed till number payment).

What to do, how to be safe?

βœ… Use Escrow, whether it’s Ksh 50 or 50k, to secure your money until you get service or product. And seller to secure their service or product until they get money. With ESCROW, everyone is safe – the buyer and the seller.
If you don’t use Escrow and get scammed, it’s your fault. Escrow fee is cheap. Pay $5 to secure $50 or lose everything. Think. One day I refused to take uber at 1000, took a matatu and got robbed my 60k laptop because I tried to save 1k and lost 60k laptop.
I’ve created a platform for escrow or contact 0729022278
βœ… When buying a account, don’t and never pay cash unless you’re a retard. Huge cash payments are done by fraudsters who want to leave no trace. Pay using your bank. That way you can dispute payment if scammed.
βœ… When buying an account, use a legally enforceable sakes agreement. Not oral agreements. You can always get an account sales agreement/contract from or contact 0729022278. With an agreement, you can take legal action against the fraudster. DON’T transact remotely or online, it MUST be face to face transaction. Once you buy the account, ensure all devices are logged out. Check your email and log out all devices. For GMAIL and YAHOO, revoke the account retrieval security codes. Remove trusted devices from the GMAIL account. This way, the seller if he or she is a fraud, they can’t retrieve the account.
βœ… Use your head, you’re not a retard because when the deal is too good, think twice. Someone can’t pay you $7 cpp. It’s very very very rare. When the deal is too good run. Use escrow. Avoid cheap Safaricom and Kplc tokens. You get scammed coz of your greed. Who sales 100 kplc units at 500 bob. Use your head.
βœ… Even If you trust your employer, don’t let your money accumulate for too long. Use escrow. Secure your payments. You can work for someone for 2 years without an issue then one day they decide to scam you coz you already gained trust. Personally, I’ve been scammed by such a scheme.
βœ… Most of us fail to think. You see everything and think it’s a scam but fail to see scams. People yelling scam, get scammed. How? The scammer gets a new pseudo, approaches you with an excellent deal and rips you off.
βœ… Ask, Ask. Before transacting or working for someone to ask if anyone knows them or has transacted or worked with them before. You’ll probably get complains if they are cons or do shitty deals.
βœ… Once a thief, forever a thief. I don’t believe In Mui huwa mwema…. Not in the writing industry. I know two people who have been conning people in writing since 2007. Like the famous Ombati Josphat.
βœ… Cons gang up when they are friends or use pseudos to support themselves. Like thy use their pseudo or ask friends to vouch for them saying they are legit when the are not. I’ve heard of people getting paid to vouch and legitimize fraudsters. Cons have gone a mile ahead, nowadays they use profiles of beautiful ladies and lure you, then rip you. Also, the cons get conned by crafty cons. These craft cons present themselves as newbies, lost and confused. A con approaches them aiming at conning them but the crafty con will ask for upfront payment even Ksh 500 then disappear without delivering. They do this because everyone knows that someone who sounds confused, lost and desperate person looking for work can’t scam or con you but desperately work to gain trust and keep getting more work.

πŸ˜‚ Accounts are overpriced. I’ve in the past suggested to have prices regulated but received a violent revolt. Most of the guys brokering accounts no noting about writing. Just acting as middleman, overprice etc. Some of the were writers I fired for shoddy work. They have finally becomes cons because of their appetite for free money. It’s you to be careful and follow safety practices.

I’ve tried my best to address problems in the writing industry, from establishing a PayPal to Mpesa platform, escrow service, creating forum for verified account sellers and brokers, and employers etc.

I encourage you to open your mind and find alternative sources of income. Find ways to earn from the internet such as Blogging, Vlogging, Google Ad sense, YouTube ads, social media marketing, Instagram or Facebook advertising etc. If it is worth it, risk it. Some investments do not require any, capital. I am always ready to share knowledge.

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